We understand that in our effort to introduce eLearning to Mainland China and Hong Kong, we will rely on others to complement our strengths and capabilities.

We are looking for three types of partners:

Institution Partners

In Mainland China, we are looking for educational institutions that are offering technical education at the university or post-secondary level. In Hong Kong, we are looking for secondary schools to be our institution partners.

An ideal institution partner is either currently using eLearning or aspiring to create an eLearning environment. Also required is an interest in advancing eLearning solutions and a desire to share results and experiences with the academic community in Mainland China and Hong Kong.

Content Development Partners
Content development involves script writing and production. Script writing requires substantial domain knowledge and teaching experience. The script will then be developed and produced as a multimedia computer software- We welcome individuals or organizations that have expertise in either one or both of these specialties as content development partners.
Solution and Technology Partners
Solution and technology partners provide strategy and integration services to implement an eLearning infrastructure in conjunction with other internal and external systems.
If you are interested in becoming one of our partners, please contact us.