Hanlun Information Limited was founded by Dr. K. K. Wong in 1998 to develop and publish eLearning content and to promote its application in educational institutions in Mainland China and Hong Kong.

Dr. Wong graduated from the University of Hong Kong in 1959 and obtained a doctorate from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1963. From 1963 to 1979, he was engaged in research and teaching in the United States, he returned to Hong Kong in 1979 to join the Hong Kong Polytechnic University and became the Head of the Department of Civil Engineering. During his tenure at the Polytechnic, he was a strong advocate of close cooperation between Hong Kong and Mainland China. In 1987, he moved from the academic world to the business world and became a property developer and operator of serviced apartments.

Our company believes that the teaching-learning process is conditioned to a large extent by the technology we have available on hand. The last educational revolution occurred when printing materials became available on a mass scale. Since then the classroom environment has essentially remained the same. With the arrival of modern information technology and its widespread penetration, Hanlun Information Limited is excited to participate in the next revolution as the new technology is applied to education.

Hanlun Information Limited has chosen to focus on publishing eLearning content and forming partnerships with educational institutions, content developers and technology experts in this endeavor. Our commitment to providing the best services possible requires a diverse range of expertise.

We invite you to learn more about our company, products and services. If you share our aspirations, we invite you to explore the possibility of joining our team.