The Hanlun eLearning collection consists of a wide range of interactive online courses for post-secondary students in Mainland China and secondary students in Hong Kong. The collection specializes in technical subjects for post-secondary courses and will eventually offer entire programs in various engineering disciplines at the sub-degree and degree levels.

While many eLearning methodologies cater solely to the individual, Hanlun's methodology emphasizes a more comprehensive approach. The flexibility of the tailor-designed course structure appeals universally to both individual learners and teachers.

For individual learners, course features can be personalized, and course material can be discussed with other worldwide peers to encourage creativity, and critical and constructive thinking.

For teachers in the traditional education environment, the traditional teaching techniques can be enhanced by integrating parts of the online courses into offline instruction materials.

In the future, Hanlun eLearning modules will allow teachers to customize a course by choosing various teaching strategies, e.g. exercises, examples, simulations, interactive games etc. This will allow teachers to present the same course material with custom variation in teaching technique to best fit their teaching objectives, strategies, and syllabus, as well as their students' needs.

Ease of Deployment and Maintenance
Because we have taken a "No hassles deployment" approach to our eLearning solutions, the installation and maintenance process requires only a minimum amount of support from your IT or technical department. In many cases, almost no installation is required if your computers can run the latest Windows system.

Hanlun Professional Consultation Services

Hanlun's professional development team provides consultation and implementation support to educational institutions to create an effective online learning environment in their school campus.

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